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OEM:Customer provide us drawings we follow the requirement to produce perfect product.

ODM:We provide our brand product, package, quality control.

Success project:

1.We produce custom degisn parts for agriculture machine manufacturers.

  • Using strenghen cast steel C45 H210, and heavy duty UC210,make customer satisfied.

  • Providing whole assemble parts in bearing, bearing hubs, bearing housing for equipment manufacturers.

  • For this product could be found on our site product catalog "custom machine parts".


2.Do OEM service for our customer brand in motorcycle bearing, EMQ motor bearings in 6200, 6300 series.

  • Providing bearing for conveyor rollers project, provide tight clearance bearings for motorcycle bearings.


3.Custom bearing according to custom design, we provide CAD drawing for mutural confirmation.





Customer satisfaction and market requirement is the power source inspire us to make progress, never we will stop researching and developing for better service on bearing solutions!

How to make better efficiency, and how to imporve better quality, how to choose better material,etc, are what we always think about!